Overview of the Platform

Greenfence Information

Who will I encounter on Greenfence?

Getting started on Greenfence

Organization Onboarding

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Employee Onboarding

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Uploading Certification Body Credentials

Icons and Tools

AuditOne Requirements

AuditOne Information

Overview of the 'AuditOne Certificate' Requirement

Brand Owner User Guide

Supplier User Guide - If you DO NOT HAVE a valid certificate

Supplier User Guide - If you HAVE a valid certificate

Certification Body & Auditor User Guide

Managing your Personal Profile

Editing your Personal Profile

Personal Authentication


Managing your Organization

Organizational Hierarchy

Editing your Organization's Profile




Supply Chain

Connecting with Others

How the Platform Operates

Connecting with Other Users

Connecting with Organizations


Viewing Other Users' Documents

Managing my Documents


Greenfence's privacy policies

How to Manage my Privacy Settings


Platform Release Notes

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Glossary of Terms