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How are roles and permissions managed?

The organization's administrator manages the permissions of each employee and controls the information they are allowed to access. Employee's are assigned their own roles, which each contain a list of functions available on the platform, these are called 'permissions'. The administrator both assigns the roles and creates new roles, which are relevant to the organization. 

There are 4 roles that have already been created: Auditor, Company Admin, Internal Auditor, and the Operation Manager

From your Organization Settings page, click 'Manage' in the 'Roles' box. The roles wizard will display and list the roles for your company and who is assigned to those roles. There are several standard roles listed in the first column which have preset permissions. You are able to create your own roles, set permissions for each role, and assign them to an employee.

The administrator can view who is assigned to a role by hovering over the number in the “Role members” column.



Underneath the list of roles appears any role requests you may have received from your employees. You will receive a notification when you are sent a role request, but you can always go here to clear them all at once. The administrator can also manage and assign a role to a new user by hovering over the button and select "Assign to User


Click in the "Search by user name" field and select the employee to be assigned. In the case of the Operation Manager role, first "Select an Operation" then assign its Operation Manager. Repeat this assignment process for each Operation or Business Unit. Click "Assign" to save the selection that was made.


As the administrator you can create custom roles and select its permissions.

Click "Add New Role" button in the lower right corner.



First, you need to name the role. Then you select the organization or operation that the role can be sent from, and select the permissions that you want to be applied to the role.


Click 'Save'.


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